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As of UNiQE, other than talent and technical skills, a company/product's brand is its most valuable assets.


It builds expectation about the company services or products, and can encourage the company to maintain that expectation, or exceed them, bringing better products and services to the market place.


In return it's all about how your audience perceive and feel towards your companies product or services.

Most importantly, before things kickoff, it's to recognize your audience.

Who is this going to be attracted to, and what characteristics are their to be considered.


Marketing is essential and has a very broad term, but it will help the company in defining a purpose and set a standard in achieving that specific market group.

Recognizing your target audience is one thing, but creating a story of your product and putting into relation of their lives is another.


It's the art and creativity of writing. Keeping style diverse so that you can bridge the understanding and attraction of your product or service with your customer.

Think of it as "Love at first sight", but make it even better, because it isn't just about looks, it's also about how quick the user can understand and use the product your company has to provide.


Remember you may understand your product, but your customers will not. So it is how you going to make it easy for your customer to understand the way you do.

You got an great idea, and you have a prototype ready! But now it's time to get this to your consumers hands.


You will encounter issues such as cost of material and service, quality of final product, product assembly process and amount of time it will take to produce a certain quantity of your product.


These are points that every company must plan and consider when manufacturing their product.

Making a first impression is important, and a products packaging is one of the first experience a customer will engage with your product. From channel shelving, to their hands, to un-boxing.


This stage is compulsory in delivering a sense of a good branded product and can increase customer loyalty.

Story telling is important, but people are sometimes lazy to read, or go imaginative based on biasness. Having effective Visual and Audio props is important to tell/summarize a message to the audience.

PR is basically getting your product noticed.

Now that everything is globalized, companies aim to push their product awareness worldwide. But how? that is when PR service kicks in, with effective PR your potential and non-potential audience will know that your company actually exists.

"It's all about perception and feel ..."

"Recognizing your audience"

"Recognize your audience , and Storytell effectively"...

"Make it easy to understand, and create an indirect connection in feeling

"Time, cost and quality control"

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

"People see to believe"

"Even a super cool product needs PR."